Training Workbook Cover

Sample of an Interior Spread

Game Board

Bookmarks and Game Cards

Activity Page from Workbook

Project Type: Educational Training Materials
Client: Whole Foods Market’s Academy for Conscious Leadership

Project Components Include: Leadership Training workbook (cover and sample spread); Game board; Bookmarks and game cards; Activity page from workbook

Overall Objective:
Upbeat, energizing, and memorable are excellent words to describe the training sessions at the Academy for Conscious Leadership. What made the training especially unique were the activities and experiential exercises. The 34-page workbook needed to capture that energy and hold the interest of each reader

“Thank you so very much for EVERYTHING you have done for and contributed to the Academy for Conscious Leadership! You have been a wonderful collaborator and an absolute joy to work with. What you have helped create will benefit over 85k Team Members and counting…wow! I cannot say thank you enough.”

— Previous Training Coordinator