Compassionate Divorce Logo

Client: Compassionate Divorce

A mediation alternative for couples who want to separate without emotionally or financially destroying the other person or their children.

Daring Reinventors logo

Client: Daring Reinventors

Logo for Anne Martin, a Reinvention Strategist and Certified Professional Performance Coach®

The Body Mechanic logo

Client: The Body Mechanic

Professional bodywork treatment by the Body Mechanic eliminates pain and improves function.

Whole Foods Learning and Development logo

Client: Whole Foods Market, Midwest Region

An internal program offered to Team Members that addresses onboarding, team training, continuing education, and leadership development.

Gugliotta Accounting Logo

Client: Gugliotta Accounting

Accurate accounting leads to making sound business decisions and plotting a successful course for the future.

Grove Wealth Advisors logo

Client: Grove Wealth Advisors

Trees represent growth, strength, and shelter—great attributes that appropriately apply to the benefits of working with these financial advisors.

Bridging Differences logo

Client: Greater Good Science Center

Bridging Differences is an initiative that mixes science and storytelling to help address political and cultural polarization.

Whole Foods diversity training program logo

Client: Whole Foods Market, Midwest Region

A diversity training program for Team Members.

“You do such great work!!!!! I love the way my logo looks at the different sizes.”

— Susan Gugliotta
Business Owner and Accountant