The Refiner's Fire book by Richard Bastear cover
Walks With The Wind Under Her Feet by Jen Rosen book cover

Front Cover

Walks With The Wind Under Her Feet by Jen Rosen interior spread

Sample of an Interior Spread

Project Type: Book Design

Client: Richard Herman: The China Sea and Shades of Mercy

Client: Richard Bastear: The Refiner’s Fire: An Odyssey of Faith

Client: Jen Rosen: Walks With Wind Under Her Feet

“ [The China Sea] is one of the best covers I have had!”

— Richard Herman
Author of over 16 novels

Magazine cover
Magazine table of contents
Magazine 2 page spread

Project: Magazine
Client: Greater Good Science Center (GGSC)

Project Details: This 40-page magazine was created as a gift to say thank you to GGSC members and donors that have supported the organization over the years.

Overall Objective:
Create a magazine that features GGSC’s best-of articles from the past year that can be given as a gift.

 Target Audience:
GGSC’s members and donors. Later, as an incentive gift for new members.

Marketing Objectives:

  • Highlight how GGSC’s core mission has held strong over the years through featured articles in the magazine.

  • Assure donors, members, and new members that they can feel good about their support of GGSC efforts.

“I’m seeing a lot of crowdfund gifts come in specifically at the $75 level, which is the one that gets a magazine—that can’t be a coincidence!”

— Previous GGSC Development Director